Banny Sammy - physics puzzle

Banny Sammy - physics puzzle

 Категория: Головоломки
 Версия: 1.0.6  Производитель : SENSPARK CO., LTD

The jungle is full of foods for our cute monkeys and bears, Sammy and Banny. One problem: Obstacles prevent the animals from reaching their favourite treats. Try to find the path that leads them to bananas and honey jars and more.

*** Game play *** 

Help the animals roll to their food. Monkeys eat bananas, apples, and pears, and bears eat salmon and honey. Wood blocks are breakable while stone blocks are not. There are more game items to come, with in-game instructions as the game progresses.

Размер 38 mb
Обновлено 08.06.2016
OC Android 3.0+
Скачали 500-1000
Русский язык Нет
Root Не требуется
Интернет Нет

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