AParted ( Sd card Partition )

AParted ( Sd card Partition )

 Категория: Инструменты
 Версия: Panglao  Производитель : sylkat

This tool allows you to create partitions and administrate it in your sdcard. 
You can add more RAM to your device by creating a swap partition.
Also you can repair some damaged sdcard and scan for bad blocks.



-Added spinner to move size in create in tools tab.
-Added option to change style in settings tab.
-Added option to remove internal or gpt partitions in settings tab.
-Fixed bug in some devices, second partition was not formatted.
-More checks in fat partitions.
-Security trick to prevent to mount the fat32 partition in the process of formatting.
-Added dialog to prevent bad format of partitions extracting the sdcard.
-Change style without restarting app.

Размер 7 mb
Обновлено 02.06.2016
OC Android 2.3+
Скачали 1000-5000
Русский язык Нет
Root Не требуется
Интернет Нет

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