GOG.com distributes the game almost for free!

GOG.com distributes the game almost for free!

Digital distribution service GOG.com continues to win the hearts of users not only by the presence of games without DRM, but also by smart sales, within which you can get a whole bunch of all kinds of charms.

Here and now in the store started the action with the talking title "Almost for nothing", which will last only a week - until 01:00 (Moscow time) on September 26.

During these seven days more than two hundred computer games in GOG.com can be purchased with discounts up to 90%. Among the most notable offers, which you should pay attention to (except for absolutely free for the time Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee), CD Projekt highlights:

● Over 50 games at unprecedented low prices:
- Galaxy of Pen and Paper (-15%),
- Tacoma (-20%),
- Sundered (-10%),
- Aragami (-60%),
- Sudden Strike 4 (-25%),
- 80 Days (-66%),
- Rebel Galaxy (-75%).

● a selection of games below 80 rubles:
- Her Story (-75%),
- Aarklash Legacy (-90%),
- Lichdom Battlemage (-95%),
- Dustforce DX (-90%),
- a set of Blackwell Bundle (-90%).

● special offers with discounts of 70% and above:
- Prison Architect,
- DEX,
- Shadowrun: Dragonfall,
- Satellite Reign,
- Rogue Legacy,
- Expeditions: Conquistador.


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