Google Photos rolling out “Smiles of 2017” videos

Google Photos rolling out “Smiles of 2017” videos

Google Photos likes to create short videos from time to time that contain various images you have stored in the cloud. It made the hilarious “Doggie Movie” back in July and is now back again with a video called Smiles of 2017.


First spotted by Android PoliceSmiles of 2017 displays pictures on which you smile and is accompanied by a song in the background. The videos are rolling out as we speak, although it isn’t known if they will make their way to all users or just the selected few. To check if you have received it, open the Google Photos app and tap the Assistant icon at the bottom of your screen.



Google Photos is able to produce such videos thanks to machine learning that allows it to recognize smiles, animal, vehicles, and other objects in images. Creating Smiles of 2017 is a nice gesture from Google that will surely bring back good memories for a lot of people.


If Smiles of 2017 will roll out to all users, it should likely appear in your account by the end of the year — assuming you actually have enough images on which you smile. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.



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